January 15, 2014

I loved this addition to the recent series of teachings urging us to celebrate and attend to our newness:

“…Sing in the new year with this full-throated wonder, this enthusiasm for the beginning of things, this wild, longing song.  Sing for yourself, but not the self you know and are tired of, not the self struggling in its fetters, needing to be free, tired, remorse-ridden and confused.  Sing for that self you barely know, that you who is wise, older than your age, that you you touch in your spaciousness and your courage.  And sing with equal newness and abandon for the Self you know not at all, the one who is not ‘I’ but the fact of that I’s being, the one uncircumscribed by any identity whatsoever, who speaks as us and lives as us and is our very knowledge, our very intelligence.  Wonder yourself into a celebration of that Self, too, that inconceivable hiddenness that draws forward and draws from us as love, as pain, as seeing itself.  Sing in the newness of all your wonderful, individual ambitions, all your greatness, all your aspects, all your freedom, and sing at the same time that ancient song which is the one true Self calling itself home.  These are the same song….”


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