January 27, 2014

“…It is the sun that creates your shadow.  It is the pure light of everything aligned with the simple fact of form that shows itself as shadow, and we become from the one pure light a thing that can be both light and dark, both this and that, the miracle of God made manifest as the many even inside the single one that is you yourself….”

This metaphor opened the day at the Demystifying Your Shadow retreat in Ojai last weekend, and I was moved both by its clarity and its implicit forgiveness.  Later in the talk, there was this further encouragement to live, truly, in our own uncompromised wholeness:

“…We long to be what we imagine holiness to be like, but in that longing, if we can be very honest with ourselves, is the seed of the understanding that we are all things—we are death and we are growth, we are hatred and we are love, we are being and we are not.  We must become all that we are latently, all that resides in us in that seed form, and we must long ever deeper for that true, full becoming that forgets and denies no aspect of ourselves, that avoids and resists nothing that we find within us.  We have shadow because we have light.  We have shadow because we have form.  That is our perfect, holy constitution…”


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