February 10, 2014

I loved this recent celebration of the promise inherent in all our emotional, physical, and psychological brokenness, which reassures us that “…broken things have latency, they have potential, and they are waiting not to be repaired but for their openness to finally be attended to, finally noticed, appreciated for the open possibility inherent in the fault lines.”  Here is my favorite passage:

“…Transcendence begins with the breaking.  The perfect things let us rest for a while, but it is the broken things that propel us forward, it is the split-open things—the life, the heart, the mind come apart.  When you have wished for something with all your might and then you have been disappointed, I say, now you can begin.  When you have loved something with all your heart and it has betrayed you, or it has left you, then I say, now is your beginning.  So look upon your shattered dreams and know your growth is there.  Look upon your despair and see that in that chasm, in that emptiness lies the only way forward.  Look upon your mind in turmoil, unable to fix things, unable to know, and see the way its very lack is your true potential.  We are broken through and through, crossed by fault lines, crumbling in all our aspects, but it is that darkness, that seeming imperfection that hides what we may become, the seed broken open, the sprout reaching for the sky in its tender, perfect, improbable quest to be larger than any of its dreams told it it could be, to love more deeply than its broken heart would ever allow, to clear its own path to a  brightness that contains all of those broken parts, allows all of that exquisite vulnerability, and sees nothing but promise there, nothing but blessing….”

Later in the evening, this clarification came in response to a participant who struggles with her own idea that there is a way we can be damaged, in the core of us, beyond all repair:

“…you believe in this paradigm of broken souls, that we can be, in essence, so damaged that there is no hope for repair.  But that cannot be true.  It is not in the nature of the soul to break like that.  Every trauma, every catastrophe, every mistake blossoms in us as untold potential; it is, in fact, what makes our growth possible.  There is no brokenness that the soul cannot allow because it is brokenness itself which feeds it, because every crack is a misunderstanding shattered, an illusion brought down, and while that disillusionment may be painful, it most certainly cannot be harmful….”


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