March 3, 2014

From a recent retreat came this beautiful bit of elucidation on the way form and formlessness coexist:

“Life is the interplay of the infinite with the formed.  Life is the communion of these two impossible ends of the same spectrum, the union of manifestation, which must be finite, with endlessness.  Life, the very thing we know and cultivate every day, encompasses not a duality but a synthesis, a kind of co-existence so paradoxical as to seem utterly impossible.  And life is not a blend, I do not mean this, it doesn’t take the best of form and the best of formlessness and combine these into some approximation of both; it is, itself, absolute and total formlessness, complete and unending eternity, infused within, surrounding, and surrounded by every conceivable variety of manifestation.  It is all things and the absence of all things, at the same time….”

And then the way that communion is manifest in each of us, individually:

“…we are, as part and parcel of this life, composed similarly of the wholeness of infinity as well as all the parts of ourselves.  And we are each: we are form, completely and certainly, and our essence is, without any blemish, emptiness eternal.  And so we are, like life, the impossible communion of the infinite with the finite, the deep singularity as well as the limited many.  And because we share this nature with life itself, we have a particular opportunity to be conscious of that nature, to actually experience in our sentience and in our energy the union of the two impossible halves of all things.  It is the most astonishing circumstance that there is such thing as a human life, with its built-in capacity for consciousness of itself and, so, consciousness of the infinite in form and form resting eternally in the infinite….”


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