April 29, 2014

“Life has set you out what appears to be a series of obstacles.  Life is problems to fix, hurdles to overcome.  But every one of those obstacles, and every one of those problems, is a chance, an opportunity for something new and fresh and needed, something craved at a level we are rarely aware of.  I do not mean that on the other side of the hurdle there is a chance for newness, a chance for opening; I mean that the hurdle itself is the chance.  I mean that for the cancer patient, pain is the great opportunity.  I mean that for the trauma victim, fear and despair, these are the chances presented.  I mean that it is the thing itself which has so much potential and not the transcendence of that thing or the survival of that thing or its parting or its knowledge.  I mean that the problem which seems most intricate, most complex, most knotted and hopeless and without resolve—I mean that inside that knot is a chance, unavailable elsewhere, for great and perfect opening.”

This is to me such an inspired view, that our most difficult human troubles are exactly the perfect and sacred doorways we most need for our deepest opening:

“…it is the inherent complexity and darkness of our circumstance here on this plane that gives rise to these fruitful and beautiful problems.  We dance here even though the body will die, and we sing even though one day we will not be able to utter a sound—and if we were not going to die we would not dance, there would be no point, and we would not sing, there would be no song.  It is our fragility and our confusion which lends us both our sorrow and our potential for great bliss, but to skip the one is to forever obscure the other.”


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