June 27, 2014

“Come forward into stillness.  Peel your back from the wall it is up against and step out of that hardship, out of that stone place, and put yourself instead in stillness.  Come forward out of the turmoil, out of the hand-wringing, the weeping, the crippling doubt, out of the agony and the ambivalence, the chaos and hardness both.  Step away from where you have cornered yourself and come forward into stillness.  Center yourself in it, though your mind still wanders and you are pulled in all the directions you have chosen.  Sit in stillness, though the body still vibrates from all your running, though the mind still chastises you and floods you with the memories of all of your failures.  Come forward, out of the certainty that you will fail again, into the promise and the rightness of your own beautiful stillness.  We are here in this place of perpetual motion, in this paradox of endless change and movement, in order to be still at last, still in the midst of that, still even while the mind wanders, even while the body aches, even while the heart falls to pieces.  Come forward into this sanity and this surrender.  Come forward into this stillness.”


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