July 7, 2014

Many of us come to meditation seeking a balm for and a healing of a kind of disillusionment and dissatisfaction that we can’t seem to shake. And it certainly can be that. But this recent teaching reminded me that it is also true that that very dissatisfaction, that lack the teaching calls “poverty”, is the essential emptiness from which all spiritual wisdom and fulfillment emerge.

“If you were full already you would not be here; there would be nothing to seek on this empty cushion and nothing to find in this limitless quiet. But you are not full, we are not satisfied; we find that we live in this kind of poverty that wealth cannot alleviate, this kind of longing satisfied only in longing itself. And so we sit. And so meditation, that dwelling on and in our own emptiness, proceeds from that lovely, indeed that priceless, spark of dissatisfaction, that unfulfillment, that deep and abiding poverty. It is our own hollowness which begets our meditation, because the things that are empty can be full only when they begin empty, the things that are needed can arrive only into the outstretched open palm. You are an empty vessel when you meditate, waiting, you are an outstretched palm, open, and your very lack, your very poverty, is itself your leaping-off point, your tumble into what is unseen and unknown inside of you.”


One Response to “Meditation”

  1. Stephen Bellotti said

    Thanks for the reminder Emily. When you start meditating regularly, you start to feel better. And then it becomes very easy to turn meditation into a kind of therapy to help the ego cope.

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