September 12, 2014

“Delusions act like armor on a person, they act like stone walls around one’s thinking, they are armaments for one’s mind, and they seal in and bury the heart so that nothing breeches that softness.  Delusion begins as a wish, a desire for something to be other than it is, an impulse towards that which seems easy rather than that which is true.  We all have these wishes, these desires, these impulses; it takes more than that simple spark to create a full-blown delusion.  It takes, next, the assertion of the will, that my will shall be the guiding force for the design, the very creation of things-as-they-are.  With your own will firmly upheld as the only truth that really matters, you seek to create reality in the image you prefer, and you generate delusion.  And every time you are not honest with yourself, every time you find yourself wholeheartedly believing something you secretly, deeply know to be untrue, this is what you have done: you have asserted the will of your own small and hopelessly ignorant self over that one Will that has been creating and managing and destroying everything that is since the beginning of time and before.  How can you suppose to have a power like that Power?  How can you suppose that you are a creator the way that is Creator?  How is it, do you think, that you know anything at all except through the resonance and the grace of that vast Intelligence?  We can touch That, we can perceive it, we can learn through it and we can resonate with it, but never can we overcome it, never can we be more powerful than things-as-they-are.  The only people in all of time and space who have ever been completely happy did so in their total submission to things-as-they-are, and that is your only chance as well.  Please part with your delusions.  They are preventing you from finding any true grace.”


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