October 8, 2014

This guided meditation opened our recent retreat in beautiful (and quiet!) Mount Shasta, California.  It turned my attention back toward the silence that, though it can be obscured, can never be diminished.

“There is nothing here but this.  You find quiet now, and emptiness, a rustling perhaps of things wondered, things appearing, things on the periphery, but right here, where you are right now, there is nothing, and that is all there is.  You may think of what has happened, of what you will do or say, you may conjure images and situations, you may with your mind invent other circumstances, other fantastical realities, but this, right now, where there is nothing but quiet, this is the only real thing there is.  We are formed out of this total silence, and so we are always subjugated to it, always its children, and no matter what we invent, no matter the paths we travel and no matter what happens to us on them, we are always from this silence and we are always fundamentally still with it, still joined to it; we are never separate from it, we are never free of it, and we can never overpower it.  The silence is so vast that all the noise the universe can make has never even disturbed it; no matter our rantings and no matter how diligently we attempt to get lost, the silence is always our home—the bed you must return to at the end of the long, hard day that is your lifetime, the rest you return to, right now, just through the exhale of your thinking, the inhale of that emptiness.  We are, at the end of all things, dismantled by the silence.  We will all, one day, be taken apart and returned back to that loving vastness; we will quite literally vanish into that.”


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