October 15, 2014

What surprised me about this teaching on the mind was not the description of its turbulent, obfuscating quality, but rather this:  that the impetus behind the mind’s machinations is survival—not your survival, but its.

“The forecast is always stormy in the mind.  You can be sure the winds will be strong and that it will precipitate all manner of fantasy, personal insult, trepidation, hunger, and simple rambling.  There’s a darkness, a kind of obfuscation that accompanies all thinking, and there is a quickness to it, an aggression, a seeming chaos that is storm-like and accompanies the darkness.  And it cannot be peaceful there; it is not the nature of thinking.  A peace there would imply that the world already is exactly as it needs to be, and it is the mind’s duty—the mind’s very nature—to distort and deny that truth and create out of that fundamental distortion all of the corrections it believes the world needs.  The mind cannot believe in the perfection of things because if it did it would make itself obsolete.  And so it is the mind’s craving for its own processes that fuels it into ever more darkness, ever more turbulence, ever more precipitation.”


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