October 24, 2014

There are several themes I love in this teaching taken from our recent retreat at Mount Shasta:  First is the idea that there are both things we need to be free of, and, equally importantly, things we truly belong to—emptiness, truth—that we must seek to bind ourselves to.  Both are required.  Second is the idea that it is our constant sense that we can and must decide everything for ourselves, that gets us into trouble.  We simply do not see things clearly enough to reliably discern what to hold to and what to let go; we must relinquish our sense of deciding and let what is true emerge from things-as-they-are.  And last is that lovely notion, so prevalent in these teachings generally, that the way things are is already perfect, holy, and complete—that we cannot hope to improve upon that, only to surrender to it.

“It is time for your liberty and your reunion.  It is time that you were free of yourself and united again with yourself, both.  It is time that the pieces of yourself were allowed to live their own needed storylines and the wholeness of your person, that empty, glorious oneness, was allowed to reunite with its own private source.  The parts of you bound need to fly, and the parts of you scattered need to come home to rest.  You have been for too long the slave of your own will, binding the sadness in knots inside you and loosing all that insight and wisdom you so need to hold close.  We have all the wrong information and see even the most beautiful things from such a skewed and bizarre perspective that we cannot hope to decide well.  And that is why even the most well-intentioned of us will bind and hide the very things that need to fly, and let go those things we were always meant to keep.  But if you can just relax all of your own deciding, even for a moment, the rightness of freedom and of reunion asserts itself for you.  If you can stop, even for a moment, being the one who decides, then that lostness, that sadness, that loneliness start to fly, and that deep certainty, that peace the truth brings with it, come back to you, make their home in you.  I cannot say it any more simply than: just let things be as they are.  There is no more perfect, no holier, no more glorious state in which the world could possibly find itself than the one it is already in right now.  Things are already right, everything is already sacred.  Surrender your own will to the will of that, and both freedom and reunion are already yours.”


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