October 29, 2014

I just adored this talk.  It’s as if everything that needs to be said is here.

“Compare the life of the mind to the life of the soul.  Compare that freedom, that ease, that wisdom inherent, to the tightness and the fear, the obfuscation and the dread of the thinking mind’s paradigm.  You live very often in a place where everything is meanness.  It is mean in the sense of cruelty and in the sense of scarcity; it is mean in that it is withholding, and what it withholds is all that light and that love the soul is naturally filled with.  That soul lives inside the same body as the mind, with its same limitations and its certainty of death, but does so joyfully, with praise and gratitude for everything that life has to offer, simply pleased that it is able to breathe in one more breath, to stretch, and see, and be here one more day.  The mind sees these same limitations, the same death, this body and these problems, and imagines a horror in it.  The mind needs to fight the same things the soul rejoices in.  And we are both, we have both, and it is our will, our choice, which allows us to be aligned with one or with the other.  The mind with its fear and its despair is natural to us; it is absolutely inevitable that we will, each and every one of us, bear this mechanism that speaks of nothing but doom.  But the soul is also naturally, organically, perfectly yours, and it sees, in all the variety and all the loss, just beauty, just life.  We have both of these perspectives, both of these options, and though it is nearly impossible to live fully in either one or the other, it is certainly possible to choose more wisely, to see with joy and beauty more often, to remember that the darkness is a birthing place and not a place of horror, that our limitations are in some ways our most prized possessions because without them we could never feel the joy of transcending them.  We are in the midst of the most glorious gift we could be given, we are in the middle of our own duality, and the beauty here in these trying circumstances and this endless trouble is like no other beauty we could possibly imagine.  This, right here—not heaven, not hell—is the best the whole universe has to offer; this, where we are all our parts and we suffer and wonder and search, is truly life at its very finest.  What I’m trying to say is, you will miss all of this when it’s done.  Please be present to it, beautifully and perfectly.  Please love it like the soul loves it, all along the way, because the whole wretched, rocky path is blessed, every blindness is sacred, every mystery precious, every moment of this, here, now, is God.  That’s what the soul already knows.  It is what your soul already believes.  Shift just a bit, go inside only slightly further, and you will find that perspective waiting for you.  Peace be to all of you.”


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