November 19, 2014

This teaching defines love simply:  “Love is a love of things as they are.”

“To be within that flow that is love, you must love not only the things you want but also the things you already are.  To be in that place, that current you so crave, your own love is needed—the love you must find within your own heart and mind for the things that define and describe you right now, as you are, in your faults and in your folly, those things that make you unique even if that uniqueness seems unbearably ugly to you.  Love is a love of things as they are.  Love loves that way, and if you do not, then you cannot find yourself there.  Love is as it was made, and so it requires that you be the same, and that you love as that, as the creature, the very animal that occupies and consumes you.  Love is this kind of surrender.  Love is made of this ‘yes’, this acquiescence, this immersion into the landscape and the fabric of things as they are.  That current holds everything exactly as it is, and when you refuse to throw yourself into the fire of your own shame or the nightmare of your own deep secrets, it is only love you have refused.  Whatever you have, whatever you are, whatever is true, that is love.  That is our contentment.

In all the history of humankind there has never been one thing people were more confused about than this single, simple idea about what love truly is, and there is not one thing that you see with less clarity or less understanding.  You look out through the lens of your clouded and ignorant mind and can’t find love anywhere.  But I am trying to tell you, the fact that you looked is love, the seeing and the not-seeing, they are both love, and the fact of love’s deep hold over you, the fact that it has already consumed you, is most evidenced by your own looking, by your own need, by the fact that of all the things in the world you might have, you seem to know that only love will really satisfy you.”


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