January 26, 2015

This talk concluded a day of silent meditation, a practice that is, at heart, just “stopping”.

“Our days are not living, breathing time unless they have pauses.  It is as if time is only alive because sometimes it stops and there is nothing in that gap at all, nothing to identify it, nothing to fill it, nothing to decorate or embellish it, just the emptiness and absence of no sound, no activity, no speech, no accomplishment and no mind.  Silence is the deep taproot of our lives.  It is the thing that makes us grow.  And all the accomplishments that will come, as well as all the activity, all the speaking, all the filled time, is rich and nourishing because it is fed by the silence.  It is not nothingness itself which is so important, it is just that we opened ourselves to it, we let it through and into us, we let it permeate us, and, so, infuse all the rest of our days.  We meditate so that when we speak it is made right; and we close our eyes to sit so that when we open them we might see things properly again; and we stop doing everything we do so that when we resume our doing it has a rightness to it, it is clear and it is meaningful in a way that the silence has made so.

I hope the stopping itself will start to penetrate your life so that in the doing you can feel the silence, in the speaking you can feel the silence, in whatever tragedies and joys befall you, you perceive the same silence.  We are lucky to be allowed to be so still.  We are blessed by this, blessed by what is not here and by what is made possible.  Please stop sometimes and feel the root of that nothingness, the source of that silence, as the source of all that is bright and purposeful in your own life.”


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