February 5, 2015

This is from a very old talk, but it is one of my favorites.  It points to that exquisite delicacy that is at the core of each of us.

“You are a baby rocked in the cradle of your own arms, with only your delicacy to guide you.  You are like vapor, a wisp.  You are like a cloud just before it is gone.  You are empty, life on the edge of its own tenderness.  You are floating and falling both, lightly, unspoken and unknowing.  You are the thinnest strand, a moment.  You are the lightest touch, a caress so soft as to go almost unnoticed.  You have found yourself among stone and noise and think you are looking in a mirror, but that is not you, and that is not yours.  It is not for you, and nor is it in you.  You are the breath behind that face of life, the spark that began stone, the open mouth that gave birth to words.  Do not lose yourself in what you are not.  Do not look for yourself where you can’t be.  Your essence is as it is.  You are a whisper.  You are the delicacy of wind.”


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