March 2, 2015

“Keep peace with the quiet parts of yourself. Know yourself there, in those silences. Know yourself in that stillness. Live sometimes, if only briefly, in that quietness and solitude where you are not touched by the world and your soul not forfeited in its turbulence. Keep peace there, and may the door be always open so that you may pass into that without struggle and without challenge. Keep the door to your quietness unlocked, enter often, and be content.

Silence is not something you carve out of the otherwise-distracting and chaotic circumstances of your life; it is something you find, already intact, already whole, something you grasp deep within yourself, where even you have no bustle and no speech. Silence exists already; it can be occluded but it cannot be lost. It can be ignored but it will not wither. It is silent, yes, but it is moving in the way that your breath is moving, in the way that air billows into wind, in the way that water flows gently towards its source. Silence is a living, breathing space. It is as rich and full as anything you have tasted. It is as deep and pure as anything you have seen.

Go there now. Go to the place where anything can be felt and it is fine if nothing is. Go to the place where sound is not needed but music could not be sweeter, where light is not what illumines but, instead, wisdom. Go to that current, touchable but not explainable, living but with no fear of death. Be at peace in that silence that is peace, content in that true source of all happiness. Whatever you love, it is there, not in the form you will recognize but in the quality that you know, in its essence. Be at peace in your silence and solitude. Visit often. Visit now. Stay a while and make a home there.”


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