March 13, 2015

“The terror of this life is not for the uncourageous. There is a loneliness here so deep and so complete that it is only the brave of heart that can survive it. And there are threats everywhere, there is the dagger and there is the cold, there is darkness with all of its secrets, and, lurking everywhere, both friend and foe seem bent on robbing us of our dignity and of our sense of ourselves. We are so used to the daily danger that we have become almost numb against it. We are so used to the daily onslaught that it fails to occur to us how brave we must be, how much courage is required just to live here, just to be this small, threatened, lonely human amidst all this perpetual threat. While we inhabit human form we must be so strong, so vigilant, and we must intend such bravery, such fortitude. But that is, in fact, the whole reason we willed this existence on ourselves in the first place. It is because we knew we would be required to muster this courage, to find this fortitude. We put ourselves in a place where it is impossible to live without resurrecting yourself, everyday, from your own cowardice and complacency and instead allowing yourself to shine even though your light might be eclipsed at any moment. The terror of it is the point, because the courage is the point.

We are battered by life here, but that is the gift of it. Have the courage to be here anyway, to love anyway, to risk and speak and pursue what you must and face what is yours, fear or no fear. It takes courage to be really alive here, and that is why you are so lucky that this blessed human life has come to pass. Blessed be this beautiful and daunting human life and all the possibilities in that, and all the bravery it takes to just be here.”


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