March 20, 2015

“Sit silently, not to succeed but also not to fail; sit silently to give up, to be done, to be quiet. Rest in what is already here, in the plenty and in the blessed, perfect emptiness. Give in to what is here, to the rhythm of this surrender. Give in to the body, as it is. Give in to the flawed and persistent thinking. Give in to the energy that is cranky and the energy that is serene. Give in to the season, and to the lifetime, and to the moment. Give in to the quiet that is craved and is so abundantly offered. Give in to the rest period and then give in to the rising. Give in to the dry period and then give in to the rain. Every breath, give in; every pain, give in; and every truth uselessly denied, give in. Illuminate the space that is in your mind, so carefully cleared, so beautifully restored, with the tenderness of your giving in. Let the light that shines from your rest brighten what was dark in that heavy mind and give you a place, simple and pristine, to return to for your quiet. And then, what you crave, all that holiness you are sure you are missing, you find has emerged straight from the center of you and from nowhere else, and you find that the rest and the quiet and the giving-in are the holiness you are always after. Give in. It is already here.”


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