March 30, 2015

Most of us have already discovered for ourselves that there is no one practice, one method, one path that works to bring everyone who follows it to contentment or clarity, or that feels somehow spiritually “right” to everyone who attempts it. But this teaching goes one step further to point out that while there is nothing that will work for everyone, there is actually only one path that will work for you. There are exactly as many paths as there are human beings, and what truly works is to find, sometimes in each moment anew, that choice, that direction, even just that honesty, that is really and truly yours.

“There is a path to tread here and no other path but your own, a song to sing in this lifetime and no other melody but that one. There is a tenor that your life has, and no one can match it and you cannot match theirs. We cannot love what was not meant for us; we cannot love the path that is another’s. Try as you might, you will never love what is not yours. And if you are treading perfectly but there is no love for it, then you have gone astray and it is best to stop and just find the way again. Every path will lead someone home, but only one is yours. And every song is music in someone’s ears, but only one is your lullaby. Only the life that is meant for you matters. Your life is an open door. The threshold to the infinite is small, and your choices matter more than anything. Go through the doorway that opens for you, along the path that is yours alone.”


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