May 25, 2015

“Wrapped in silence, the world takes shape out of its own stillness. The manifestation is a product of the stillness, the form impossible without the formlessness that is under it. Wrapped in this substance of absolute silence, all that we are becomes possible. The potential is inseparable from the emptiness underneath; the emergence becomes possible only out of the emptiness. And this is not only the holy blessing of all things, it is the physical, scientific fact of them. We are constituted this way, and this way is as much a law as it is a grace. This fact of birth out of silence, form out of nothingness, is the immutable axis that the universe turns on, the unshakable principle, and so this grace is not some kind of surprise blessing, not some accident or exception, it is all that is and it is that which all that is rests upon. And so, when we seek to be or to become, to transform or to transcend in any way at all, we must seek that out of the emptiness, because it is that emptiness—and only that emptiness—which holds such potential.

This principle has a more profound effect on your own personal becoming than any other single principle, and it is regularly your task and your quest to dip into, to open into, that limitless substratum of silence so that what may be born will be. Any other means of self-growth or self-investigation, any other method for actualization that does not root into this emptiness is necessarily limited in what it can produce. If you want to be new, if you want to be really changed, if the threshold you seek is one you have not even yet imagined, then place yourself in the emptiness first, commit yourself into the silence. Let your own potential emerge from those depths just as all manifestation will and must. Give rise to yourself through your surrender into that.”


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