July 21, 2015

I recorded this short teaching on faith over 12 years ago, but it still says so much to me.

“When there is light enough to fill even the doubts you do not yet concede, then your faith will be enough. It hesitates now, like a small bird learning how to fly. You are sure of nothing, but least of all are you sure that your own wings have the strength to lift you higher than you can stand. You look up at the sky like it’s a dream, like it’s hope, like it is some mother you can’t return to, but the sky is your proper home, and these wings the most essential part of your form. And the faith you need is like the wind that will put you back in that home. It is your deliverance into the arms of that mother; it is the way to be folded back into that breast. It is the only true mission of this body and this aching. You live in the longing for this, and it will feel like a burning until you are airborne. And only when you know that you are complete, and you will never land—only then will you know that your faith is enough.”


One Response to “Faith”

  1. this is awesome! great message!

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