July 31, 2015

“We try very hard to choose what will be ours and what will not, to choose what will come to us and what will stay away, and to choose even the exact quantity and quality of all of life’s blessings and all the world’s gifts. But when did we come to believe that such choosing was even in our best interest? When is it that we each decided, ‘I know what is right and proper and perfect for me to have. I know, and so I shall be the bearer of my own gifts.’? That is not how giving works. You have exactly what you need because it is given to you in the moment of that need; it is given to you out of an understanding that you yourself do not have. And while we are trying so earnestly to manifest exactly those gifts we believe to be perfect, we so very often overlook all the ones which actually are. We are being given opportunity in every moment. If you still breathe, if you are still alive, then this very moment, like all the countless others you are given in this almost endless stream, is full of blessed potential, replete with the answers you need, the gifts already given, the peace you try so hard to make yours. In this very moment, if you will be, for such a brief period, very still, you can count a hundred things you overlooked even today, a hundred things you either took for granted or for which you decided in your ignorance and prejudice that you did not need that, truly, at all. A hundred gifts worth having that you have yet to make truly yours. Perhaps today you have sorrow, perhaps boredom, perhaps exhaustion; perhaps today you smelled something, you tasted something, you saw something new. Receive these. And perhaps today you feel like you have nothing, that nothing was given to you, that there was only take, only loss; so then I would say to you, that is the gift. To have what is no longer needed taken away is one of our greatest blessings—there is space in that, there is emptiness in that, there is a vast, uncluttered wholeness in that that we must see as gift too. Receive what is given. Every last bit of this life is a blessing.”


2 Responses to “Receive”

  1. Sam Red said

    Beautiful post as always. Greetings, Sam

  2. OlafN said

    Thank you for this post. I really appreciate this lesson in awareness. Best Olaf.

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