September 14, 2015

“Make with your eyes the search you cannot yet make with your heart. Seek the beauty of the world. Seek its transgressions and their forgiveness. Seek the things that reality makes for itself, the pieces of itself waiting in manifest form for you to discover them. See these with your eyes until you are able to see them with your heart. Notice what is here, inspect it, find its qualities, its characteristics, find its pain and its laughter, find its form but see also its essence. Open your eyes wide to everything that is here. See with the wholeness of your sight and the immediacy of that. See without reservation and without distinction, without choosing, ‘I will see this and not that’, ‘I will know this with my eyes but I will not know that’. See the way a camera sees, taking in every detail, preserving the whole of the thing and honoring every element of the image equally to every other. Your eyes are for this intake of reality; they are for knowing things, and they are one way that you surrender to the is-ness of things. They are your first path into reality, and if you refuse to see you will never open to that thing in any other, deeper way. The eyes are that first gate, that first threshold you cross, your first exposure to things as they are. We say ‘no’ with our eyes so often, even as we insist that we are saying ‘yes’ with our hearts. But how is that possible? How can you surrender to a thing that you will not even look at? How can you embrace a thing that you do not even know? Use your eyes first until your heart is ready. It is the destiny of the heart to take a long time to surrender; it is the path of that part of us. But not so with the eyes, not so with knowing the truth, not so with seeing things clearly, as they are. That is just a matter of opening them and of refusing all the tricks and excuses that keep reality obscured from your sight. Open your eyes wide and look at the world, not through the chatter of your mind, not through the lens of all your pre-conceived notions, but just as things are. Sight is the first faculty of insight, the first step on that continuum, the first and most basic kind of opening into reality. Give yourself a chance to know something other than what is already locked into your mind, a chance to see that which is fresh and true and really, actually, there.”


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