October 12, 2015

“The path doesn’t lead anywhere. It doesn’t cross any bridges, it doesn’t end. This path that you are on does not traverse any territory at all. It doesn’t wind through the seeming labyrinth of worldliness, it doesn’t pass vistas and drop into valleys, it doesn’t go anywhere at all. There is one point that is real, and that single point, infinitesimally small from our current perspective, actually contains the whole path—every drama that we pass through, every character we merge with, every face and aspect of this nearly limitless life. In that single, tiny point is the whole vast and varied lot of it, everything that time and space have ever offered up, reflected in a single, tiny drop, something so small that from the viewpoint of reality it is barely noticeable at all. The whole world is in that drop. Every person you are or have ever been, everyone you have known or not known, those you have loved and hated both, every meandering, every experience, every detail of the vast complexity that is your form’s sum total—it’s all there in that single droplet, reflected back out at you, miniscule in its proportions and on the brink, always, of dissolving altogether. But we are funny creatures, so we focus intently on what is only there until we see nothing at all but that tiny reflection, that little bit of refracted light that is our entire perceived existence, and we look at it with such intensity, such ferocity, such total commitment that we make all those imaginings our imaginings, and we start to say, against all sense or reason, “That is me; I have found myself.” And then, for a period that is not even an instant but appears as hundreds of thousands of years, we are lost to ourselves, so certain that that tiny image is everything, so convinced of our own self-generated illusion that the feeling of loneliness and the certainty of suffering appear to be the only reality. But you who are looking, you who are still in the same spot in which you started, you who are watching, are still watching, and, at some point, the true fact of things, the fact that you just got distracted for a moment watching a reflection in a droplet, occurs to you, and you settle back in the one you actually are, the one you have always been, and you see again not just this tiny play of the light but the whole encompassing everything that is actually there, and you realize no time has elapsed, no journey was taken, nothing is revealed or learned or changed in any way, because what is real is always real, what you are and that you are is always true. You did not travel from that, and so you didn’t need to travel back. Because this is true, you can remind yourself that you needn’t journey anywhere now. You needn’t follow any promptings, no matter how compelling, that that image presents. You needn’t try, you needn’t evolve, you needn’t learn anything at all. If you are already that witness, then just be that witness now. Let the simple act of approximating that reality show you that it is reality. What I am trying to say is, be what you already are—and do absolutely nothing else. That very compelling illusion of time and space will shrink to its proper proportions and you will begin to see that is a trick of the light. There is nothing there.”


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