October 21, 2015

“There is no hint of tomorrow in today.  Everything you see, all you touch, and whatever befalls you in this present, in the time that is now, bears within it no impression, no spark, no omen or foretelling of what will be in the future.  This moment is always the settling of old consequences, and what you see in it is always only the vision you have out of your own past.  You do not see the future, and if you have predicted it, you have predicted nothing more than a recurrence of the past.  But the future is fundamentally different in nature from either the present or the past.  It is, in a very real sense, the only unknowable of the three, and, in being unknowable, it differs not by degree but wholly, in its very defining characteristic, from anything we might perceive as either present or past.  You never actually see the future, and though a good deal of mental activity is dedicated to the intent to do just that, and predicated on the notion that just that is actually possible, in fact, all of that mental activity is a restaging of the past.  And so, you have never looked forward at all, you have never turned, not once, to truly face that direction.  You have loved what you have found here and you have hated it, both, but through it all you have always assumed that what will come is almost identical to what has.  You may have entertained fantasies that seemed brighter and more joyful than anything you have experienced in the past, but in fact, even these are just modified, resurrected, healed versions of all those past stories.  They are not new, not really, and they are never in contact with the actual future.  Look at time through the porthole of the future and it is a blank void; it is nothing but unknown-ness, and the rest and relief of putting your vision there is the rest and relief of this absence, this lack, this void.  Look at the future and there is nothing there.  Don’t let the lens of the past play its best optical trick on you: Don’t let it convince you that it is the only lens, that everywhere you look time is only this—these characters, these stories, these discreet but interwoven elements.  Try to remember, as you face the future, that if you see anything other than the vast, unanswerable darkness of unknowing, then the future is not what you have seen at all.”


One Response to “Future”

  1. Colleen said

    Dear Emily, Indeed neither the past nor the future are real. Creation is of itself born of nothing, as time does not exist. However, what is created, whether it is time, object, material, landscape or living being in our dimension, it is simply a vessel for energy to either inhabit or not.

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