November 27, 2015

“The nearest we come to our natural state is when we are still. It is not that movement isn’t holy, it is not that God is slow as opposed to fast, it is simply that when all things as one thing are in their natural state, that state most closely resembles total stillness. And so, nature, which seems to be defined by its ceaseless activity, has actually, at its core, nothing but stillness. Only something so perfectly still could produce all this movement, all this variety, all this difference. Only something perfectly without any characteristic of its own could produce every single existent characteristic with such equal clarity, such perfection in each difference, without having any preference of its own. Everything that exists, every color, taste, and texture, every impulse, every action, every story, has its source and its home in this perfect, undifferentiated stillness, and because of that, every quality that exists, every particular form that has ever been manifest, is equal in its holiness, equal as a face of that one wholeness. And this simple concept is a revolution to us; it is so radically opposed to every notion we hold to of good and bad, sin and virtue, right and wrong, that it must really be absorbed for its radicalness to be allowed to upset us enough, to disturb us enough, that we begin to surrender not into our own ideas of reality any longer but into whatever the stillness holds instead. What is perhaps most revolutionary of all is that you needn’t try to make way in your mind for new ideas, you needn’t attempt to convince yourself of something that you simply do not believe, all you need to do is be still and the stillness itself will be your education as certainly as it will be a balm and a relief. Whatever is true about your own nature is simply waiting for you to discover it. It needn’t be built in any way, you needn’t become anything. What I am trying to say very simply is: what you are when you do nothing and only are is in fact the same as—identical with—the source of everything that is and everything that has been and everything that ever will be. I hope that deep inside you, in some place your own conditioning has not reached, there is some tiny spark of gladness about this, some inner smile that has no rhyme or reason, because it is that little bit of gladness that emerges directly from this ground of your own being. It is a gladness of self-recognition and the satisfaction of that part of you that already knows that you are this holiness yourself, and you were it before you were anything else, and you will be it when all that you call ‘you’ has passed.”


One Response to “Stillness”

  1. OlafN said

    Thank you very much for this post. I could not agree more with your words. Thanks and Namaste

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