December 7, 2015

“The mind is like a storm in your port. You are already home, already safe, already free, and your mind brings into this safe harbor, into this ground of calm, the spinnings and weavings, the chaos of noise and complication, the very upset that seems to rain down upon and threaten to destroy your safety, your groundedness. Mental formations are all like this; no matter how different they may seem from one another, worry, rumination, future planning, fantasizing, all of these activities, being all functions of the mind, are by their nature essentially the same. They are all that storm. But what you must remember, first and foremost, is that though there is a storm, you are not a ship at sea, you are already safe on dry land, and the storm, no matter how fierce, cannot ever dislodge that ground. To remember that you are anchored in this way is the first step in dealing with the mind. It can be very intense, very distracting, very disturbing at times, but it cannot actually topple you, it cannot sink you. You are already in a place of total safety, and there is no ground more stable than that which is your own being. I am simply saying: you are already here, you already are, and there is nothing your mind can ever do to undermine or upset or change that in any way. There are so many reasons for our thinking, so many objectives we attempt to carry out through constant mental formations, but no matter the goal of each of these formations, the key to unlocking the mind’s secrets and dissolving its chaos lies in the ability to be conscious of it, witnessing of it, attentive to it, so completely and open-heartedly that whatever pain, whatever strategy, whatever misgiving it hides, that is revealed and becomes clear to the person willing to notice and willing to know. But that kind of clarity requires that you remember that nothing in your mind can ever really defeat you, it cannot damage you, it cannot destroy you, because you are already anchored in something so fundamentally and deeply real that the mind cannot reach that. And a good part of its storm, its intensity, is all the smoke and mirrors created by its own helplessness, by the fact that it, when all is said and done, will never be more than thought, never more than reflection and mirage, while you have always been, and will always be, perfectly real, containing substance and essence that thought will never have. And so I urge you, don’t ignore your mind, it takes attentiveness to demystify that storm. But remember that you are not there, you are not in the storm yourself, subject to its whims, its gnashing, its chaos; you are in the port of your own absolute substance, the port of your own is-ness, your own being. And so, watch that storm from your safe harbor, watch it closely and learn everything it’s trying to keep you from. Learn what is underneath all of those strategies of mind. Watch, but do not obey; listen, but do not believe.”


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