January 21, 2016

This talk unfolds as if spoken directly by that undifferentiated oneness that goes by so many names—God, the Universe, the Self, the Lovely (as I recently saw it referred to in a Buddhist sutra).

“What I give to thee is not pleasure or pain but the possibility of a lifetime of freedom. The pleasure is an illusion and the pain just as much so, but the freedom is real, and it is not measured and small but vast and unencumbered. What I give thee is not knowledge or even, rightly understood, wisdom; it is not something considered nor something contemplated; and it is not something foreign, something discovered like exotic treasure. It is not made of gold but it is not without substance. Freedom, the promise of this lifetime, is what has been handed down to every living being. It is what has been given out through the very act of breathing. It is what you already have, even though you almost never know it. And when I say, I give to thee, I am saying, Look at what is offered here; it is as if you have a present like no other and you have not even unwrapped it. And when I say, I give to thee, I hope that you will say, ‘Who?’, because in that question your face turns towards the source and, just out of curiosity and wonder, you might glimpse the bestower itself. I give to thee all that is possible in a human lifetime. Not the achievements, none of the goals, not even the emotions, the states, the revelations—my gift is that none of these, ultimately, inhibit you in any way, that you are whole and perfect because you are already free, that you are loved and loving because you are already love, and that you are the dearest of life’s creatures, each and every one of you. You breathe, and so you are free. You are, and so you are holy. And I give this to you so that you will look back towards my face and see only your own. I give this to thee so that in your freedom you will love as deeply as you can, and in trying to love me find that everything you touch is love. I give this to thee so that you will be happy. May you be happy. May you be free.”


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