February 2, 2016

“Being related to emptiness yourself, you cannot ever be a stranger to it. Emptiness is part of what you are. It is the space inside all your spaces. It is known to you intimately, too closely for consciousness, but there, known, all the same. Emptiness is friend to you, but more than that it is your home. It is the beingness that pervades your coming and going, that stays in you, making you real, making you permanent. Emptiness fixes you to itself, not as an adjunct but as that which is incorporated into wholeness, that which is one and never many, that which is real and never lost. Emptiness makes a husband of you, or a wife, joining into singularity where there used to be duality. Emptiness proves to you that you are a single thing, and that you are single with all other creation. Emptiness is manifest in manifestation—all aspects, all parts. Emptiness is real throughout reality, found equally in all places and in all times, without any sense of difference or quality or division. Emptiness gives being its beingness, makes reality real, creates nothing but includes all. Emptiness needs nothing, and so you, as part of that, living within it and it living within you, also need nothing. Emptiness makes you safe. It forgives all circumstance because it was never affected by any. It relieves all suffering because suffering never reached it. Emptiness is alive. It is not simply lack, though it gains nothing, not merely absence, though it claims nothing as its own. Emptiness is full, but of emptiness. It can be recognized, it can be felt, it can be known, if only subtly, because it is part of you, one with you, and inevitable. Emptiness cherishes you with no attachment, and loves blindly with no sense of division. And it’s already yours, already here, already now. Emptiness forgives everything because nothing was ever done to it, and celebrates endlessly because there is nothing to stymie its bliss. Have you lived there in any single moment, this day? Try to. Emptiness is there.”


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