February 19, 2016

“People arrive here for all different reasons. They come alone and they leave alone. In between they give to varying degrees. They take as they need and sometimes more. They lie or they cheat or they are honest. They love or they do not. But always there is life expressed. No matter the virtue or the vice in a particular life, it is still life and, as such, every moment of it is divine and no life any more divine than any other. The manifestation itself is a spark of holiness. There is nothing unholy in holiness; nothing lived can be anything other than divine. And so in a great and perfect way it makes no difference what you do. You cannot be unholy. Even as you swear at God and turn your back you are only, even then, expressing divinity; there is no option in that. You were born, and so you are God. What you do here matters only to your happiness; it matters never to your essence. I will say ‘Do not lie,’ because lying will make you miserable. I will say ‘Do not take what you do not need,’ because having too much is suffering. But please know that if you do lie and you do take, if you are cruel and if you hate God, you are nonetheless the same as God and you are the same as each other. You live in God because you live as God, quite without regard to your circumstances or your qualities. And so there is nothing that will draw you any closer to God; such a thing is simply not possible. But you can be—and I think you wish to be—more happy than you are, more content than you feel regularly. This is where any instruction is of use to you; it is of use to your happiness. I cannot say it any plainer: If you wish to be with God there is never anything you’ll need to do, but if you wish to be happy, you may need to take some action, you may need to stop lying, you may need to stop blaming yourself and other people for things that are far beyond anyone’s control, and you may need to leave things you don’t need rather than acquire them and contribute to your own misery. It’s simple, really, to be happy, though it is difficult. And simpler still to be God—and this, this is never difficult. There is no effort, there is no choice, there is nothing else here but God in an infinite number of ways, in an infinite number of forms, in you, nothing here but holiness expressed, divinity made manifest. Don’t reach for that, reach for happiness.”


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