March 25, 2016

“Every story has an ending. Every one arrives at the place of its conclusion and is put sweetly to rest, bedded down into eternity, done, complete. Every story resolves, and though that may not be a resolution you imagined, it will always be the one that is right. Every resolution is an opening. No matter what is lost, no matter what dies, in the finality of that resting place, of that closure, there is always expansion, because when the story dies, when the resolution is complete, all that remains is the love and the lesson that that story was able to usher in. And there is always both love and lesson. The story was the perfect route leading inexorably, step by step, towards some loss, some disillusionment, towards some gain, some joy, but always leading as it must, as it will, and not as you will it. Each story gives you what it has to offer, and very rarely is that the same as what you believe you need. Each story gives you its inherent blessing, though very rarely is that the blessing you sought. But little of this blessing, little of the real gift that resides in the story can be given until that story ends. It is the resolution that brings about the greatest release of love that the story contains; it is the resolution that reveals, likewise, the true lesson in all its lovely fullness, in all its rich dimension. And so the story has to end, it has to be allowed its own trajectory, allowed its perfect unfolding, allowed to be itself and not what you would have it be. We cannot choose the lesson—that is the nature of the blessing. We cannot choose the guise that love uses—that is not ours to know. But we can let the story be, allow it to unravel, concede it, surrender to it, so that it is allowed to reach its own end, so that resolution is, at last, permitted. You do not have to prefer your story, but you do have to allow it. You do not have to know how it will end, but you need to know that it will, and that every end dissolves the tensions and confusions that gave rise to that storyline in the first place and, so, ushers in some newness, some opening you have never before glimpsed. This end is the best kind of beginning, where all of what was can be laid to rest, allowed to be as it is, and so, come to a close, and things that are lost can be lost, things gained, gained, and whatever sorrow or joy lived in that story allowed to wash through you completely, like the rain that brings the blossoms. We cannot be story-less—we are people and our stories are part of our very being people—but each and every one can be allowed its full telling all the way through to the end, to that sweet goodnight, that rest, where beginnings are allowed to begin.”


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