June 3, 2016

“Covered in shame, we grow weary of our own paths.  Distant from ourselves, forgotten almost, we dread our journeys, without enthusiasm and without hope.  Tired of these bodies but unable or unwilling to part with them, we lead lives that don’t inspire us, lives which we feel are required but which we can’t love.  How did each of us become like this, weary of our daily lives, joyless in all the little tasks, half awake only to the promise of something better and the memory of some greater hope?  Every day of your life is a risk.  You are called upon, every day, to expose yourself even though you are ashamed, to look towards the brighter future even though you are hopeless, to remember your longing and your calling even though forgetfulness clouds your knowingness and obscures inspiration.  All of these are risk.  All of these require courage.  They require that you be different from your routine self every single day, that you reach, every day, for some transformation, however small, for some bright opening and new possibility.  The routine of this life is drudgery.  You may trade one drudgery for another, but unless you change your perspective fundamentally and unless you embrace each day as a risk, nothing is transformed, there is no new chance to live differently.  There is no problem with what you already do; so many things need to be done.  But there is very often a problem in how you approach them.  The problem is in your seeing, but, more than that, it is in the degree to which you open to your own life, to all of the small things you encounter every day, to all the strangers and all of the loved ones.  Even a chore requires presence, even the simplest of tasks can bring about transformation if you are there while you are doing it.  And every act of speech, every word, every statement, should come from a place inside you of genuineness, of sincerity.  Every movement you make can be made with intention.  You don’t need to do less or do anything different; you need to do what you already do with yourself present and with the intention to reveal yourself in each of your acts and in all of your words and gestures.  If you cannot be exposed in your daily life, there will be no opportunity for your shame to ever leave you, and no opportunity for the inspiration that you need to find you.  And without this self-revealing there can be no joy.  Try to live each of your days, however mundane, as if you intend to expose yourself completely, and to find the love and attention you have for everything in your life.  Live like your life is a risk—it certainly should be—and like every day was given to you, one at a time, for the purpose of being wholly and completely yours, to renew and reveal yourself.  Live like that gift is something you love with all your heart, because it is all you have, and it is given in the spirit of such generosity, such freedom, and such hope.  You are not yet ready to say goodbye to what you have here, and so, every day, greet what you have like you mean to keep it, like you want it.  Every day is that precious.  Live as if you knew that.”


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