July 7, 2016

“The eyes see darkness when there is darkness in the eyes, not when it is in the world. We see nothing that is before us but only what is already inside. We are past-gazing and the present is forever out of our glimpse. The world is a place of beauty and it is a place of ugliness, but the world is not what you see. When you see beauty you see it from within yourself, and when it is ugly it is only because something has frightened you, something also that comes from within. You would not recognize the world if you saw it for an instant as it is; you would think you had had some dream, some passing vision, some fantasy. But it is awake that we are dreaming and with our open eyes that we perceive only fantasy. It is from within the cocoon of our own past experiences that we see only what we have already known and never that which might one day be, and certainly never that which is, presently and completely. The blind know they are blind but you, with eyes that function, should be wiser; you see as little as they but are more deceived. I will not say to you, ‘Open your eyes and see things as they are’; I will only say, ‘Open your eyes and know that you see them as they are not’. Do not seek to know the world you cannot glimpse. Seek to see, for what it is, the storylines and the fantasies of your own mind. Your illusion is the only thing you have, the only thing you can know. It is in the surrender to that past, the allowance of that fantasy, that you might, one day, pierce the veils of your illusion-making and see things for what they are. But I am warning you, do not make that your goal. Make it your goal to tolerate every last experience that plays itself out in front of your eyes and inside your person. Let every last storyline defeat you until there is nothing in you but such a grand acquiescence that you are willing, if need be, to be lost forever. And when you have said ‘yes’ to all of your own pain and every bit of your individual person that completely—so completely that you never need to leave it—then it will be gone and there will be nothing left but things as they are, the world as it is and has always been, waiting for you to dream deeply enough that you finally dream no more. Do not wake up. Sleep. But know you are sleeping, and dream with intention and lucidity and a conscious surrender to everything you find.”


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