November 4, 2017

Here is a brief meditation/prayer on emptiness:

“Everyone wants to be perfect. It is everyone’s wish, this purity, this gracefulness, this constancy. Everyone wants to remain, and remain utterly perfect. But we are the changing ones, and in this we are perfect. We are the circles, the coming and going, and that is our constancy. We are the perfect nothing that lasts, and lasts perfectly. We were not made in static deathlessness and dark, unmoving breathlessness. We were not made the changeless solid, the seeming forever. We were made as we are, and we are one with our own emptiness. Be as perfect as the sun burning itself up day after day. Be as perfect as the moon, eclipsed and then illumined. We are the changing ones, we are the perfect, perfect dying, and we are the light ones, perfect and shining. We will not be the deathless. Thanks to God for the perfect, perfect changing. Thanks be to God for the dying, for the light and the shining.”

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