November 22, 2017

“Give to God, but not praise; give Him gratitude. Imagine everything that you have and everything that you love, and if you still do not feel gratitude then remember that you have life, a spark of holiness itself, playing itself out in you, living itself through your flesh, greeting every day through your eyes. And then, if still there is no gratitude, imagine that you have only one moment left to live, only one more second in which you will draw breath, and for that one second, if that is all you have left, then I think you will find that you want that moment and that the only attitude which makes any sense for the brief remainder of your life is gratitude. If you knew that everything you already have and everything you already love was as precious as that one remaining second, then perhaps you would feel grateful for everything that has filled your life. And everything that has filled your life is God; it is all God made manifest for you. And so, when I say, Give gratitude, I mean give it back to all that you have for all that you have, and by doing that you have thanked God. Can you have gratitude when you love something, instead of just desire it? And can gratitude be part of ownership so it is not all control? Gratitude changes “having” from greed into joy. God has given you everything you have asked for, and will never stop. If there cannot be gratitude for that then when should it begin, and how much will be enough? Give thanks, and give it daily and with your heart. God is already here with you, in your life—in that spark—and in your fortune. Praise be for that. Thanks be for that.”


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