November 22, 2017

“Give to God, but not praise; give Him gratitude. Imagine everything that you have and everything that you love, and if you still do not feel gratitude then remember that you have life, a spark of holiness itself, playing itself out in you, living itself through your flesh, greeting every day through your eyes. And then, if still there is no gratitude, imagine that you have only one moment left to live, only one more second in which you will draw breath, and for that one second, if that is all you have left, then I think you will find that you want that moment and that the only attitude which makes any sense for the brief remainder of your life is gratitude. If you knew that everything you already have and everything you already love was as precious as that one remaining second, then perhaps you would feel grateful for everything that has filled your life. And everything that has filled your life is God; it is all God made manifest for you. And so, when I say, Give gratitude, I mean give it back to all that you have for all that you have, and by doing that you have thanked God. Can you have gratitude when you love something, instead of just desire it? And can gratitude be part of ownership so it is not all control? Gratitude changes “having” from greed into joy. God has given you everything you have asked for, and will never stop. If there cannot be gratitude for that then when should it begin, and how much will be enough? Give thanks, and give it daily and with your heart. God is already here with you, in your life—in that spark—and in your fortune. Praise be for that. Thanks be for that.”


November 4, 2017

Here is a brief meditation/prayer on emptiness:

“Everyone wants to be perfect. It is everyone’s wish, this purity, this gracefulness, this constancy. Everyone wants to remain, and remain utterly perfect. But we are the changing ones, and in this we are perfect. We are the circles, the coming and going, and that is our constancy. We are the perfect nothing that lasts, and lasts perfectly. We were not made in static deathlessness and dark, unmoving breathlessness. We were not made the changeless solid, the seeming forever. We were made as we are, and we are one with our own emptiness. Be as perfect as the sun burning itself up day after day. Be as perfect as the moon, eclipsed and then illumined. We are the changing ones, we are the perfect, perfect dying, and we are the light ones, perfect and shining. We will not be the deathless. Thanks to God for the perfect, perfect changing. Thanks be to God for the dying, for the light and the shining.”


August 25, 2017

“Leading up to this life are a series of pitfalls, bumps in the road, obstacles to be overcome, chances for failure, and chances for grief. Birth is the last of these, the final, sad, strange circumstance preceding the form’s resting place in the here and now. We act as if we are only a few decades young but, in fact, we are older than mountains, older than the land itself, older than dirt, some of us, older than stone. And in that dreamy, almost-endless passage between where we began and where we find ourselves in this lifetime, there have been almost immeasurable opportunities for self-doubt, almost immeasurable circumstances in which our lacks and our failures succeeded in undermining whatever confidence, whatever belief we may have had in ourselves. We may have believed at some point that anything was possible, but then a hundred and then a thousand circumstances and events collided with that notion and brought us into doubt. We may have thought, anciently, long, long ago, that we were destined for something great, something beautiful, something grand, but almost uncountable circumstances since that moment have undermined that notion and replaced it with a kind of steadfast, a kind of resolute, doubt. We are convinced from long experience that failure is what we are made of, what we are destined for, that it must be inherent in our constitution for it to be so ubiquitous in our experience. It is a normal view, this one I am describing; doubt is the common and almost inevitable lens through which we see ourselves and our potential—so common, in fact, as to go almost completely unrecognized in its day-to-day guises, in its insistence, in its pervasiveness. Because who could imagine that all those lessons and all those circumstances—that, indeed, all those failures—are nothing more than misperceptions, mistakes made innocently but conclusively, a wrong view reasserted so often as to seem to be the only view at all? It simply does not seem possible that we were just wrong so many times, for so very long. But it is only in acknowledging the possibility of this vast and far-reaching mistake that we begin to see our doubt as something not founded in reality at all, but leaping out of illusion. And this, this confounding way that we were wrong every single time, is the fact of things; it turns out to be true—almost impossibly improbable, but true nonetheless. And the view that sees the mistake, the very lens of right perception itself, is faith. The very way we have been wrong is illuminated by, and rests in, that thing we know as faith. It is to see things as they are—that is faith. And when seen as they truly were, all those circumstances and all of those failures appear not as ways we have been diminished, ways we have not reached our potential, but rather as the unfolding of that very potential, a way that we have been and continue to be all things manifest in form, the great, holy mystery of variety itself made alive and concrete. It turns out that the perfection that we think we need was actually the place from where we began. Our beginning, then, has not been, ever, what we’re truly after, because who can call that progress, to stay exactly where you already were? We have progressed, to the extent that that word is real at all, through our great and many transformations, through our almost infinite variety, through our forms, our aspects, our stories, and our qualities; through all of the things that have made us doubt ourselves, we have been, truly, made as ourselves. You were never destined to be other than these things, never destined to live lives unriddled by the kind of tragedy and grief, the kind of shame and courage that transformation is made of. We are form transforming—that is our perfection. And the doubt, it turns out, is not a product of failure but a product of misperception, and all of you are here because somewhere inside you there is a seed of right perception, and that seed I call faith. If it is too much right now to see properly, at the very least I would say, loosen your commitment to seeing improperly, step back from the resolution you have made that doubt will be your stronghold.   Doubt your doubt, if you can do nothing else. We can be happily, contentedly flawed, and that is the deep, true gift of human life. Do not think that anything less is what you are destined for.”


August 5, 2017

“Hidden away in the necessary selfishness of your soul is a need to be bright again, a need to be joyful, a need to know again what it is that you are made of. Hidden away like a secret is the knowledge that this brightness is already within you, the certainty that all will be well again. And though you are, for good reason and by every instinct, selfish in your ways and in your pursuits, it is not what you want for yourself, it is not what you long for, it is not who you ache to become. What you ache for is a thing so unlike the form you have become used to, so holy in its aspiration and so bright in its perfect being that it barely resembles this earth, though only things of this earth become that. This that you ache for springs from the very material of things and yet ceases almost instantly to resemble them, and that perfect, perfect essence, that being that all being bends towards, is your essential hidden agenda, your intention for yourself. We are propelled in our thirst and in our longing by this kind of an ache. We are seeking both for this and from it, and it is what we already know of our own brightness that motivates the search for its completion. We are deeply involved in that which is both material and useless, that which is misguided even, and certainly that which it seems is self-serving and yet is not life-serving; but that does not mean that we cannot find this other longing, this way that we seek not to be released from the earthly plane but rather consumed by it, surrendered into it so much that the heaviness of our other agendas lifts and we are one again with the intention to be only our brightest. The human essence is a shining; deeply and fundamentally, inescapably, we are each of us and all of us together predicated upon this shining. We are rays, we are light, we are part of something and we are the whole of it; and this something is experienced as bright. And we turn towards this, or we try to, and though sometimes we are turning in the wrong direction, always it is the search, the intention to find that, that proves to us that none of this is in vain. It is the fact of our longing and the need in our search that proves to us that the brightness is real, because we seek what we, however dimly, remember; we seek a completion that, however uncertain, we know to be real. We come from this place of brightness. That is how we know we will return to it. We come from a place of hope for that return, and it is certain. Until your own longing is complete and your own surrender as deep as it must be, remember your brightness; seek it in your own experience, follow its ways and its hunches, let it send you in unknown directions. We are a fast and furious species and we need the return to that which is simple, essential, and bright within us. Under your selfishness, it is there. Under your confusion it waits for you. Under your despair, it is always still shining. And if it could hope, it would hope for you to come back to it. And if it could call to you, it would call you by name. You are the brightest thing there is. We are all that shining.”


June 5, 2017

“Time keeps each of us in the confines of our own solitude, and that is its purest benefit. Time teaches us that we are alone; it bathes us in the illusion of separateness so that, no matter how we try to connect, to merge with the formed material world, we find ourselves always, entirely alone. Time teaches us that that connection is not real, no matter how alluring it may seem, and that the formed things we seem so desperately to need are, themselves, always lost to us, always without us. And so we find ourselves always in solitude where, sometimes out of pure frustration, we look, instead, within for connection, for merging, for the satisfaction of all those persistent needs. It doesn’t seem that solitude can be remedied by turning within; it seems, in fact, to enhance the very aloneness we each seem to need to escape. But it does turn out that there is a unifying, a connecting experience within ourselves that somehow is both completely solitary and encompassing of all those forms and faces we once tried to merge with. By leaving all of that behind and succumbing to the depth of your own aloneness, all of it is yours. You are no longer choosing the special, the particular, the singular thing you wished to connect with; instead you are just choosing connection. And you are no longer pushing into the form of things to try to find the essence; instead, by abandoning that form, the essence is suddenly abundant. And so, to be solitary, to be alone, is to have the heart and soul of everything ever created, the spark of life itself that gave animation to all those things you thought you needed. We are blessed to be so deceived and so dissatisfied, for how else would we give up at long last and come only here to this core of solitude, this ground of aloneness? How else would we find the truth of all that is and all that we are? Stop pushing into form, stop ravaging the world with your mind and your body, trying to find its deep and satisfying essence. You already are its deep and satisfying essence. You’re already there, and your aloneness will show you, and it will make you happy once more.”


May 13, 2017

“Take hold of your longing. Take hold of that which drives you toward beauty, compels you to live your life, tempts you with greater experience, more profound hope, and surer footing. Take hold of that longing like it is the reins of the thing that will carry you forward into what you most want, and in this way let your longing lead your life, let it steer the great vehicle of this precious, precious lifetime to the heights and to the depth that you wish to go. And let your longing speak to you like a siren song, let it convince you of all the impossible things that turn out to be possible after all. Let it sing to you so sweetly that you happily crash into all the obstacles that were never there and, so, drown in the miracle of what can be. Let your longing so fill you with faith that you become one of the starry-eyed brotherhood, believing in things that others find ridiculous and impossible. And let your longing be for you the destroyer of all your hardness, all your illusions, all your craving for things that cannot feed you and all your insistence that they can. Your longing is your guide, your temptress; your longing is your inspiration and that which cuts the cord. Your longing is your happiness. It is both path and destination. It is already shining the brightest of rays deep into the darkness of your mind, giving you the opportunity to see and to know, giving you a chance to clear that mind of all its difficulty, its doubt, its judgment, and its hatred. Your longing gives you the chance to take the violence of our circumstances and see right through it into the blessing of our being. Your longing does all that. It gives you hope, it gives you clarity, and it gives you knowledge. And we are not lost, ultimately, not a single one of us, because we have this longing, because it is inseparable from our essence, because it is unsquelchable, because it, itself, emerges from the only source of permanence that there is, and is, then, a bit of that permanence, that utter and perfect bliss, inside each and every one of us. Your longing can’t not be yours; because you are, you have it. But it is because you are lucky beyond measure that you also know you have it. Don’t waste this precious, beautiful knowing. Long, and so, live perfectly, beautifully, driven, serenaded back into the lap of God. That is what this perfect life is for—for longing, for living, for finding your way and finding that way to be perfect.”


April 28, 2017

This talk describes a truth I often find difficult to stomach in principle, but so lovely when experienced.

“At the top of the world, the pinnacle of experience, a window opens and you can see with unsurpassed clarity the total futility of everything you have achieved. The pleasure is still there, the sensation that lured you all along, but what vanishes before your eyes is any notion of accomplishment. We do not succeed here. I’m not saying that we fail, though that is often what we call the feeling we have; I am just saying that it really was perfectly and literally for nothing. There is nothing achieved, nothing built, nothing grown. Nothing materializes at the point of that apex, nothing is grasped, nothing in fact is there, and so the futility of it dawns on us like a kind of clarity of impression, a kind of cleanness that all the acquiring and striving and becoming always masked. And we notice this peak experience is just that, an experience, a feeling-state, a set of ideas, a conditioned response, a sense once more of ‘me’ being ‘me’ and believing in the perceived meaning of that. But there is nothing gained. And that window of clarity can—if it is permitted, if you do not turn away from it—bring a great disappointment, as all the ideas you had about the greatness of your own achievements and your own purpose, the importance of those things, come crumbling down about you. But that is the very fall we most need, that sense of disappointment is itself the remedy; it is the remedy for the illusions, the remedy for the misdirected attentions, the remedy for the striving itself that is, when it is all said and done, too exhausting to be maintained anyway. We need these peak experiences, we need to push the limits of our own ambition, we need to test ourselves, and we need to find what’s really here; there is no substitute for this experience. But the great and beautiful result of this all is that we will fall. We will be disappointed. We will glimpse the pure and total emptiness at the very height of the world’s experiences. The fall is the magic. The fall is the landing place. The fall is the love. Be let down a little more completely than you allow yourself now. Be disappointed; there is truth there. And when the pure futility of all of that achievement, the absolute emptiness of everything you thought you had gained shines before you, please let it light you up. Let it light up your vision, light up your knowingness, light up the truth; and let that radiant, beautiful fall be your perfect relief.”


April 14, 2017

“Life is not a series of events, not a list, chronologically arranged, of happenings, not time-bound, in fact, at all, neither limited nor organized the way we perceive that. This is an apparency that belies life’s true nature and structure, a seemingness which but veils what truly is. Life is unmeasured, uncaptured into moments, indivisible and so vastly and overwhelmingly outgradient that we must, for a time, make time its captor, its boundary, its structure. We don’t yet have the tolerance needed to absorb life in its true form, and to perceive rightly is to absorb, there is no difference. We must make ourselves stronger before we can even allow ourselves to see life as it is, in its true colors, in its radical immediateness, in its self. Until then, we must parcel and divvy up, separating life’s magnitude into some semblance of a reality with which we are at all prepared to contend. We create an illusion in this way, but it is a necessary and temporary one only. As we grow stronger, pieces of our own self-generated illusion fall away, revealing incrementally life’s true face, life’s true power. We cannot rush this, but we can want the unveiling, desire the revelation of life as it is; and through our own desire, life spills through all the tiny cracks we have created and helps push all those boundaries a little bit wider. Where we long for it, life greets us as itself, as it truly is, released from its prison of time, its illusion of smallness. We are not quite strong enough to be kissed completely by what life really is, but we will be, as sure as sunshine, as sure as breathing, and much more certain still. Life will envelop us, life will consume us in its totality, in its all-lovingness, in a kind of fullness we have never yet glimpsed. Life will make us like unto itself, whole without end, full without end, rich without end. But first we must learn to be strong, strong enough to endure that much blessing, strong enough, finally, to not fear what we already are but, instead, only to give thanks.”


February 24, 2017

“Love gives to us all of our experiences. Love blesses us through every sight and sound of this world, and in that benediction we are able to finally learn that love is all there is. We are tormented by this existence. There are periods of contentment, and even moments of bliss, but without exception every single person has enemies here—things that are too painful, too trying, things that stalk and haunt us, things that we cannot be rid of. And so this place, this plane of form existence, this earth, is a hard place, indeed, for us to find true love. But that is also its secret blessing. It is only in the midst of torment and limitation, of struggle and suffering, of confusion and difficulty, that love serves to shine its brightest and bestow its deepest help and guidance. In the realms of no suffering, what can be love’s role? But here, where it is hidden among all the things that haunt us, it is priceless, more precious than anything we could hope to gain. And it is hidden, yes, but not in the sense that it is scarce, in the sense, rather that it is so abundant, so near, so varied and yet so constant, that it is unrecognizable to us in almost all of its forms. Every single thing here, every piece of matter, every energetic wave, every substance, every emotion, is in fact two and not one: it is itself, its form, with all of its attendant qualities, and it is secondly, and always, pure love. Everything, no matter what we think of it or believe about it, no matter how it feels to us, no matter whether or not it is understood, is these two, never less, and always complete in each of its two aspects. And so, when I say, ‘Love is everything’, I mean it as pure literalism; everything is love’s voice, love’s exhale, love’s graciousness, love’s tenderness, love’s beauty. And you needn’t try to see things as love in order to understand this for yourself, you need only to see things as they already are. Love is the thing itself. It is that simple, that unadorned, that transparent. Look right at anything in this world and love is what you will see. Listen to any voice, any whisper, any vibration, any sound, and love is all you have heard. Feel anything as itself, any emotion, any sensation, any part of your never-ending story, and that is love. Your senses were made so love could be your prize, so knowledge of love could be your knowledge, so wisdom could finally accompany perception. But you must allow all of what is here or love cannot visit you. If you are closed to anything at all, love waits just on the other side of your refusal and your ideas, so close to you that if you were to but whisper, ‘Yes’, you would have it in floods. You will feel pain here; that is assured. You will have confusion, because we are made of confusion. But every single time you allow the world, or any part of it, to be what it actually is, you will have love; you will have it alongside the pain, alongside the confusion, but you will have it. And you will find out that it is enough, that the balm of that caresses you in ways you didn’t even know you needed and leaves you whole again, leaves you as you are supposed to be, and that is penetrated by love, absorbed into love as it is absorbed into you, loved by everything that is. The need to let love in will one day disappear, because eventually you will succumb to it completely and there will be no difference between you and the love that always was. But until that vanishing, let the world love you in every way it’s trying to, through all of its faces, all of its substance, all of its seeming difficulty. The whole process is really just this: Let everything in until the world itself loves you into vanishing.”


February 6, 2017

“Blessed are they who can walk through the line of fire and never care. Blessed are those, shattered and broken, who stay their course anyway, who walk still, without thought for their destiny, and care nothing for the chaos around them. Those few have a courage in their hearts that we all must look for. They know what it is like to be beaten, and they know that it doesn’t matter. They know what it is like to have lost and have no hope of winning, but still to have that fire which is their life and their purpose intact and burning. Blessed is the one who can go to his death with his eyes on God. He is royalty; he is the most noble among us. Blessed are the poor, but only if they have his courage; without it, they are nothing. We have died a thousand times and it has never diminished us; why then can we not all look on the face of God without turning away? Why can we not all remember the peace that outlasts us, that peace we all know and only temporarily forget? Why are we not all that brave? Bravery is wisdom; it s nothing more. Bravery is the remembrance that you always die and it never matters, that you always lose, and nothing can stop your heart from beating or your life from continuing. If you knew you were eternal, would you grieve so much? If you knew you had no boundaries, would you protect them so obstinately? Courage is remembrance; courage is infinity speaking in your willingness; and courage is possible. Every single one of you can remember eternity. Did you find it today? Did you remind yourself? Did you prize it? Walk on, eyes on God. Wisdom would have you do nothing less. Remember your defeat only so you know it doesn’t matter, and suffer your dying only to remember that you outlive yourself over and over again. Your eternity is untouched, your boundarilessness is uncompromised, and the deepest recesses of your own heart are deeper still, and never end.”