April 14, 2017

“Life is not a series of events, not a list, chronologically arranged, of happenings, not time-bound, in fact, at all, neither limited nor organized the way we perceive that. This is an apparency that belies life’s true nature and structure, a seemingness which but veils what truly is. Life is unmeasured, uncaptured into moments, indivisible and so vastly and overwhelmingly outgradient that we must, for a time, make time its captor, its boundary, its structure. We don’t yet have the tolerance needed to absorb life in its true form, and to perceive rightly is to absorb, there is no difference. We must make ourselves stronger before we can even allow ourselves to see life as it is, in its true colors, in its radical immediateness, in its self. Until then, we must parcel and divvy up, separating life’s magnitude into some semblance of a reality with which we are at all prepared to contend. We create an illusion in this way, but it is a necessary and temporary one only. As we grow stronger, pieces of our own self-generated illusion fall away, revealing incrementally life’s true face, life’s true power. We cannot rush this, but we can want the unveiling, desire the revelation of life as it is; and through our own desire, life spills through all the tiny cracks we have created and helps push all those boundaries a little bit wider. Where we long for it, life greets us as itself, as it truly is, released from its prison of time, its illusion of smallness. We are not quite strong enough to be kissed completely by what life really is, but we will be, as sure as sunshine, as sure as breathing, and much more certain still. Life will envelop us, life will consume us in its totality, in its all-lovingness, in a kind of fullness we have never yet glimpsed. Life will make us like unto itself, whole without end, full without end, rich without end. But first we must learn to be strong, strong enough to endure that much blessing, strong enough, finally, to not fear what we already are but, instead, only to give thanks.”


October 13, 2016

“Every breath is a moment of pure possibility, every inhale a taking-in of what might be and every exhale a breathing-out into potential newness, possibility. The breath belongs to this realm of opportunity and growth; it is the movement of life, and life is an unfolding into something never before known, something wholly different from what has come before, something so fresh, so potent, so unexpected that there is no way to anticipate it, to know it in advance before it is met in reality. The fact that you breathe tells you that you are this well of possibility, this ocean of potential newness, this ‘might be’ that is always exponentially more vast than the whole of your ‘have been’. You are constantly at one with and embedded within this vastness of possibility; hence you breathe. You may forget everything you have ever learned and yet at the moment you notice your own breath you are reminded of your own endlessness, re-educated right then in the knowledge of your limitlessness. You remember what is true when you notice your breathing, and you find the current of its aliveness and the potential that fuels and imbues that breath with its very rhythm, its very dance. We are able, at any moment we choose, to remember our own transformative potential; the fact of that is never far from our experience because our own breathing keeps it close. We are loved by this, this reminder of life that life itself imbues us with. We are loved by it without condition, without cause, without ceasing. The constant potential of this human experience rises and falls, cresting continuously in the wave that is breath. It is because we breathe that we live, and in our awareness of it, in our allowing ourselves to enter into that breathing and, so, into the vastness of possibility that awaits us in each inhale and each exhale, we live truly, deeply, actually. It is already here, your breath, your possibility, your endlessness, your transformation. Breathe that. Be as that.”


June 22, 2015

“What makes the heart inside your voice sing? What makes the soul at the center of your mind know? What brings joy to the places in your brokenness that have never known such before? What is it that applauds when you smile and takes its own sustenance from the fact of your growing? What thing at the heart of life itself both feeds and is fed by you? There is something breathing in this worldly plane, and it is not a lung and it is not air. Something fills these molecules and that impenetrable energy of which we are all composed. Something penetrates us, just as it penetrates all existence, and it gives to that existence not meaning, never that, but life—life not as energy or matter, not as birth or growth as opposed to dying, but life as that spark of divine animation which is inexhaustible, ever-present, and transcendent. We are made of it, this life, and without it we are not at all. Within it, we have found ourselves moving and being; it is what exists permanently and irrevocably at the core of, even, suffering. It is the thing which makes all pain bearable. Do not distrust it when you find it but wonder, instead, that something so raw and so fragile could yet be indestructible. Let it put the song back in your body. Let it grow you in its own natural and inevitable way. Let it christen you, making you new again, giving you the hope that always lies at beginnings. It is always here but we cannot always hear its singing; for that, you must let it resonate in the chamber of your life and reverberate through the structure of your body. We are not born into much luck but we do have this, this one great blessing—that life, indestructible, ever-potent and absolutely transcendent, has pierced us to our very core and we cannot be separated from it. Use that blessing; it is sometimes the only one you will find you truly have. Sing what is inside you before too much time has gone and you can no longer find your song.”