March 8, 2016

“Keep in touch with simple things. The complexities you give so much of your life to are more draining than they are feeding. The many pursuits, though shimmering with potential and declaring themselves radiant, are in fact the mirages that keep you from what is truly beautiful. Almost invariably, what is beautiful is also simple. The caress of the wind is irreplaceable; there is no substitute for it, not in your thousand dreams, not in all of your plans. The way you feel this very moment is the simplest thing there is, and the grids and calculations that fill your rational mind cannot touch this one simple, beautiful thing. Complexity is almost always disconnected from reality, and that is what makes it ugly, that is why it must pretend to be beautiful, why it must promise you the moon and the stars to lure you to itself. Reality, being already beautiful, needs no bait. If you will just look at it as it is, you will find only beauty, only simplicity. You have dreamed yourself a thousand ways to be anywhere but right here, and these are all complicated, they are all exhausting, and they are all untenable. The most beautiful fact in the universe is that you can be nowhere but right here. The reason your dreams fail you is because you cannot move from where you are, and so when you believe that you have chosen your complex imaginings over the simple experience of this very moment, you tell yourself a lie. There is nowhere to be but right here, and that will feel, above all else, exceedingly simple. Love the spirit inside you which already knows simple things to be home. Keep close to you the knowledge of this fact, that there is no place for you except right here, and no time which is real except right now. And discard as much as you can the promises of a mind which would tell you that there are any alternatives to the experience you are having right now. Do not allow yourself to retreat into complexity; it is almost always only imagined. Allow yourself the refuge of your own simple being, whatever that feels like right now, and you will find that this is beauty, whatever is right here and right now, that this is home, this place inside yourself of retreat from complication, this center of emptiness. Let it be that reality is very, very simple, and that only the mind thinks otherwise. Come home to what is real. Touch its simpleness. Rest there, and be as that.”


3 Responses to “Simple”

  1. Josh Barinstein said

    Lovely. Really needed to hear this. 🙂

  2. “No Moon In The Water”, I love that. I wish you a blissful afternoon. 🙂

  3. OlafN said

    Thank you “No Moon In The Water” for this post. Simply true…

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